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Welcome to Dumec International Group

Our company has a 30 years experience in designing, planning and manufacturing machines for the construction, road, mining and agricultural fields. We are proud to export them all over the world, meeting the needs of several faithful customers.

Wide range of professional machines, suitable for heavy duty jobs

Our most prestige products, completely made in Italy, belong to the range of Dumpers and Self loading truck mixers which are very professional heavy duty machines, user friendly, fast on all terrain and safe to use even in the most difficult working conditions.

We achieve the best results, starting from the designing and planning of the machine, according to the accuracy in assembling processes in our Factory, using components of first quality single-tested and CE certified.

Dumec International Group, is a certified Company ISO 9001: 2000.

To get a detailed overview of our products, look at the table of the product family that you need.